Friday, December 4, 2009

The week that was

Friday already.
I think I may have to rename this 'The Tea Towel Blog'.
Here's one of the 6 new bags that have been posted off to The Local Shop. Big thanks to Mel for that one, isn't it fabulous? Great font, colours, artwork, linen. Everything that's good about a vintage tea towel!
I had a day off from the sewing machine today, but I did get around to some long neglected paperwork, and now I'm feeling very organised and on top of everything.
We're back off to Melbourne tomorrow, but this time it's for a couple of social things. It'll feel quite odd not to be at any market, but it won't be long until the last one for the year, Shirt & Skirt on December 20. Looking forward to a Christmas catch up with everyone there!

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