Monday, March 8, 2010

Week of scarves : Monday

It's scarf-o-rama round here lately.
I've been busily knitting my little neck scarves in some new colours for this Winter.
A busy market weekend has left me very low on stock of recycled jumper and cotton patchwork scarves all of a sudden, so I've been at the sewing machine today making some more.
I find working at the sewing machine sort of frees up my mind to drift around all sorts of topics, and today I've been thinking about scarves and how many different expressions of this little accessory are out there.
Almost as perfect as a cardigan for the Victorian weather. Such a comfort to wear if you're a little chilled, or tired, or a bit under the weather.
So, inspired by my friend Michelle's recent Week of Love....I give you my Week of Scarves!
Starting today with a Frankie & Ray scarf hot off the sewing machine.
I'm very happy with the argyle pattern of the jumper against the dusky blues and beiges in the cotton patchwork lining.

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Crayon Chick said...

A Week Of Scarves rocks! I love this gorgeous new patchworked one. And it's funny I'm reading this today wearing the first cardigan of the season. x Michelle