Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Week of Scarves : Wednesday

Is it getting colder as this week goes on?
Lucky for me, it might be tricky to be writing about scarves if it were perfect beach weather!
Today's fabulous scarf brought to you from Luce Handmade.
Anne is another incredible talent from the Melbourne handmade community, and what a sweet girl she is too. I was lucky enough to receive a Christmas present of a bag of fabrics from her workroom that she felt had been hanging around at her place for too long.
One of them is a piece of vintage 1950s silk with embroidered cherries on it that was made especially for Myer. I've been mulling over what use I need to put it to, knowing it's story has made it all the more special!
When you buy a creation from Luce Handmade, you are guaranteed never to see another one the same, they are all one-off pieces of wearable art.
I can't wait to see what she has on her racks next.

And in other news, we've just farewelled some friends from Ireland who are on an incredible adventure travelling around Australia on some very large motorbikes, filming their journey for a television series, writing a blog and a book on the way.
It was great to see them and hear about their progress so far, it's early days for them as the story begins in Adelaide, and will finish back there in about 3 months time.
What a trip!
You can follow their progress here.

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