Monday, April 26, 2010

A little change of pace

Time to pop the kettle on, sit down and have a cuppa.
This Monday marks the end of the 'season' down here on the coast.
The last long weekend before Winter is over after today, and our little town slips into a slower gear.
There's time for a chat in the post office, lingering at the fruit shop, and catching up with the deli ladies at the supermarket.
Before we know it Winter will be here with it's usual freezing winds and pelting rain, but for now we're enjoying some sunshine and taking it a bit easy!
(And if you need a cosy for your pot, this one and some others will be going off to The Local Shop in tomorrow's post!)

1 comment:

Crayon Chick said...

Looking (and longing) at that gorgeous cosy and cup and I find myself slipping into a little pre-transformed Eliza Dolittle lusting after a cap-o'-teay. Might put the kettle on!