Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Something red

Frankie & Ray red 3/4 t-shirt ©

Not strictly new, but a new colourway for this coming season.
Continuing my flirtation with red!
I have had a lovely relationship with the clever and gracious girls over at Ink & Spindle for quite some time now. Their beautiful fabric designs have graced a good number of t-shirts in my current and past ranges.
I love that they are Melbourne based, print by hand with non-toxic dyes, have a fabulous talent for design, and are so supportive and encouraging of small independent craftspeople.
Last week I made an order for one of my very favourite designs in a custom colourway. It won't be arriving for a little while, but I'll be sure to show you when it does.
Anticipation is not such a bad thing!


Ink and Spindle said...

Aww! Thanks Jo! I don't think anyone has ever called us clever & gracious before *blushes*
The good news is that your custom colourways are officially booked in to the printing schedule! :D
Anticipation indeed...
xx Teegs

Georgie Love said...

Oooh fancy! Love their (and your) work!

frankie and ray said...

Too nice! You girls make my day.
Big thank yous!