Saturday, July 31, 2010

Meet my neighbours...

The floorplan for Magnolia Square came through the other day, and it's always pretty exciting to see who'll be close by.
I'm pretty chuffed to be right next to Anne from Luce Handmade - we'll have lots of fun together I just know it!

On my other side will be Linda from Delilah Devine, someone I haven't had the pleasure of meeting before.
I've just spent a good amount of time browsing her beautiful website and etsy shop.
I'm in a dither thinking about what I'm going to choose from her stall to come home with me.
Will it be a brooch, or some flying ducks?
Can I wait until next week?

1 comment:

Melbourne Vintage said...

I will have a snoop around the market on the weekend so I will come say hello!