Thursday, July 29, 2010

This time next week

Only a week to go now until I'll be all set up and ready to go at Magnolia Square in the glorious old Malvern Town Hall.
I'm over the hump of my preparation, so my workroom is full to the brim with lovely things, and I'm starting to really look forward to the event.
I was very excited to see Frankie & Ray as one of the featured retailers on the website a couple of weeks ago - those are my fabric neckscarves up there in the middle row!
And look at what good company I'm in!


Lizeylou said...

Congrats on being featured ... as you should be of course. I get asked about my scarf all the time - but kinda don't want to tell too many people - then I wont be the cool kid anymore. Hope the market goes well for you!

frankie and ray said...

Thanks for your sweet comment Eliza! It's always such a joy to get such nice feedback.