Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Before I go

Bags are being pulled out from under the bed, clothes are sorted, toenails have been polished (hello toes, haven't seen you for a while), and the animals are starting to look at us sideways. They know something's up!
I'm having a birthday while we're away, and I'm feeling very special with my friends getting in early with phone calls, cards, and a few little parcels in the post.
At this rate, I could possibly spread the celebrations out for a whole week.
Thanks to Pia for this card. It looks just like my suspicious cat Tiger!
Now, you know I can't possibly open any of my presents just yet, but I will have to do it before we go tomorrow afternoon.
I'm still enjoying the looking!


Squirt Baby said...

Happy Birthday!! Keep those tights (though I'm sure you won't be needing them where you're headed) nice. As for stretching out the celebration - I say go for it! My birthday gets elbowed out of the way for Im's - so enjoy!

Morgan Wills said...

Happy Birthday Jo! I forgot we are so close in birthday celebrations! Go Leo/Virgos I say!! Have a fantastic trip up North! Look forward to seeing you at the MMM in Sept! Mxo

frankie and ray said...

Thanks girls! Yay for Leos (oh, ok Virgos too)! Looking forward to seeing you both.