Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas comes early

Well, good morning!
Pia and I survived the wild weather in Melbourne yesterday to celebrate our last market together for 2010.
Thankfully, we got through the whole day with no incident until a thunderstorm hit right on 4pm, drenching all of us, and our stuff!
We exchanged our Christmas gifts, didn't eat ice-cream, but drank a few coffees and enjoyed a last catch-up with the market girls before the end of the year.

Here is the latest addition to my slightly kitch, and growing collection of greyhound stuff!
I love him!
Pia keeps raising the bar in the present stakes. She's the best.

I have nothing much planned for today.
I just need to address the slightly soggy pile of things unloaded last night and dumped on the spare bed to dry out.
Somehow it won't feel quite like Christmas until I'm sitting out on the deck in the warm evening, listening to cicadas, drinking a wine and eating cherries!

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elizabeth said...

I love the greyhound statue - perfect kitsch!