Monday, April 4, 2011

On colour

I've had a colourful day today.
First, lovely Wendy decided to take the plunge and buy a little present for herself, a Pea handknit scarf.
She was after something a deep eau de nil.
I'm hoping what I call Pea is just the right shade!
It's one of things I love about each new season of scarf knitting, giving them all a name.
It reinforces the sense of creation I have about them, if that makes sense!
Anyway, a new yarn arrived today, and this one has me stumped.
It's a brownish purple, very lovely indeed.
It's kind of muted and soft, yet rich in tone. Kind of like the purple you'd find in an old faded oriental rug.
Trying to give it a name had me doing a bit of searching for inspiration, and I stumbled over a list of all the crayola crayon colour names and history.
Really. There's nothing you can't find out there in internet-land.
They started in 1903 with all the basics, named just so. Blue, green, orange...
And the list ended with colours added in 2003 - inch worm, wild blue yonder, mango tango!
Perhaps I just need to stick to something basic?
Mulberry anyone?
ps. Wendy's having a little bother naming her lovely blue cardigans, perhaps pop over and give her a hand!


the textured leaf said...

faded mulberry?

Anne said...


• pale aubergine
• dusty aubergine
• faded mulberry

It s beautiful colour Jo :)


Fibrefanatic said...

Thanks for the inspiration regarding colour names. I am always stumped by this part of the marketing process. Good to hear that someone else uses the internet 'library'.

Fiona said...

Life's too complicated innit?? Noice choice, can't wait to see it knitted up. How's my grammar there - it's not quite right...

Frankie and Ray said...

Thanks ladies! I love the responses! Faded mulberry it is!
Fiona - it's all I can do to hold off starting on this one until I get a few more of the existing colours up in my stock....I can't wait to see how it knits up either!

Anonymous said...

i was thinking lavender licorice.....