Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Goodness, isn't this weather just the best?
I could almost forget that Winter is coming....

...if it weren't for all the scarves going out all about town.
North, south, east, online!
I'm thrilled to have a new shop in the heart of groovy St Kilda, The House of Balaklava on Carlisle Street.
I've walked past this fabulous shop many times when I stay with my St Kilda hostess, and they always have a dramatic and eye-catching window display!
I'm so lucky to be dealing with the nicest shopkeepers around town, they all do a fantastic job, and are always so understanding of the juggle of supplying something that is handmade, by me.

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Lizeylou said...

We used to live on Carlise st and I so miss it - congrats on having your things in the shop!
And thanks for the tip on Byron Accomm - will go and check out the cottage now x