Thursday, June 2, 2011


I get all sentimental over the strangest things.
I found this jumper in the rather posh Red Cross op shop in Hamilton on route to Penola the other week.
It didn't grab me straight away, but then I had a closer look.

And the label won me over.
I remember this from somewhere in my childhood. Probably from my mother's or grandmother's wardrobe.
I think if you had something from Aywon, it was a bit swish and special.
I came over a bit sad at the demise of all those Australian made labels that just aren't around anymore, and that was it, I just had to buy it.
Then I got a bit squeamish about cutting it up, but I've kept coming back to it.
So, I thought the way to do this is to document it, get it off my chest, and get on with it.
As soon as I took the photos I felt better, and even better again once I got the scissors into it.
And now I'm really pleased I've been able to turn this unloved echo from the past into something special to give it a new life!


wendy hill said...

Oooh thats stunning, Jo.
I wish I could get some 'knit' projects out of my head today, but alas, its not my day for sewing.

LUcÉ handmade said...

Looks fantastic Jo! Its always the unexpected ones that turn into something wonderful! xx

Fibrefanatic said...

What a wonderful way of bringing
the past into the present. I love it!

Crayon Chick said...

We can be so caught up in the beautiful end products that it's easy to oversee the process and how truly 'involved' we are as creatives and makers. I imagined you holding your breath as your scissors hovered ... eek! ... but look at that end result! Gorgeous!