Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Winter sunshine

With no markets booked in for at least the next 6 weeks or so I was feeling a little bit out of sorts this week.
It's been a busy year, and I'm just coming to terms with the idea of staying put for a little while.
It's quiet down here on the coast, and Winter has arrived this morning with nose tingling cold, but brilliant sunshine.
The fire is keeping the house toasty warm, and I'll be happy to find a patch of sun to sit in with my knitting.
All these cold mornings have everyone reaching for their scarves!


wendy hill said...

Hey there, we had the same idea (kind of) as its such a nice day isnt it! x

Mookah said...

I know the feeling Jo. We get a little like that when we have a break from markets too, and just need that 'market fix' to bring us back. Just try and enjoy the peace, the pace and keep warm!