Tuesday, August 30, 2011

It's English, hari-hari?

Another day, another Sri Lanka story!
Do let me know when you get bored, won't you?
One of my favourite things about the country was the gorgeously quirky English we found everywhere.
This is just scraping the surface of the funny signs we saw. I think my favourite was the saying on the back of the 3 wheeler tuk-tuk taxi. And, if you look closely, it also says in small writing above the rear lights 'life is nice with a wife'! Can't argue with that.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Home sweet home

Hello again, back again in Skenes Creek.
It's nice to be home! 
I am in the afterglow of a fantastic holiday and now I'm contemplating the 6 piles of washing that need to be done, the empty fridge, and the pile of mail...all in the slightly befuddled state that you get when you lose a night somewhere over the Indian Ocean between Colombo and Singapore!
Nothing like the domestic to bring you back down to earth with a thump.
To ward off any post Sri Lanka blahs, I've been trying to choose a selection of photos to show you here, and have just ended up spending too much time not being able to decide!
So perhaps today we'll just start with this one, the happiest elephant fountain I've ever clapped eyes on, in the cutest, kitschest little park in the heart of Kandy, where we discovered that this was the place for young lovers to have a little cuddle and share their lunch.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Postcard from Galle

A room just like ours at The Fortress Hotel. Can I move in I wonder?

Greetings everyone!
It feels mighty odd to be typing this all the way from beautiful Sri Lanka. The miracles of modern living!
I couldn't resist the offer of using a laptop and having a little check in on everyone...
Meanwhile, we are in love with this country. 
There are spices, and tea plantations, and sensational foods, and crazy, crazy traffic, and balmy sea breezes.
The people are friendly and put us all to shame by speaking English everywhere.
We've been driving around the country, and Galle is our last stop before home next week. 
I'll have plenty more to show and tell when I get back. See you then!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The island formerly known as Ceylon

Preparations for making a quick getaway are in full swing here today.
Let's just say that I'm an anxious traveller, so I'm double and triple checking everything.
I'm annoying myself, and can't wait until we're out the door tomorrow morning.
We'll be flying over the Indian Ocean to the beautiful island of Sri Lanka for a couple of weeks.
I'm looking forward to perhaps learning to drink their most famous export, Ceylon tea, and enjoying the lush tea garden landscapes. There's bound to be some curry, and some heat, some good old fashioned sight seeing, and some time just catching up on some reading by a beach.
I feel better already!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Is this Spring?

We've been having the most beautiful Spring-like mornings down here this week, I've just collected a few images that say better than words how I'm feeling about this coming change of season, even if I might be a little early!

Thursday, August 4, 2011


In a week the old bloke and I are off for a bit of a holiday.
It's been a couple of months in the planning, and the to do list is slowly getting smaller.
We're down to the fun stuff now after dealing with the vaccination shots, the insurance, booking the animals into their holiday homes, and all the other endless little things that need to be organised...
I'm up to the important business of deciding what I absolutely must pack to take with me for a two week trip.
Do I really need those sandals as well, or will I end up spending every day in thongs?
I quite fancy travelling in the old fashioned way with lots of luggage, but only if I had someone to carry it for me!
Instead, I'm attempting a new record in travelling light, hoping to squish everything into an overnight sized bag.
Thank goodness I won't be needing jumpers, or coats, or boots, but what about the shopping?