Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Right back into it

Well, hello!
I've been away from here for a bit, and that's because 2 lovely markets in perfect weather on the weekend left me raring to get back to the workroom. Properly. After fluffing about in a bit of a post holiday daze.
The new season always seems to arrive with a bang, and I'm catching up after coming home with only 2 skirts left to my name. 

I can never tell what's going to be the big seller.
I'm pleased to also be a bit short on dresses too. It's always makes me a little nervous putting something new out for people to either like, or not!
I'm also eagerly awaiting the arrival of some of this gorgeous new fabric.

Aren't those colours just the best?
I've decided to not go to the post office today just in case it's not here yet. I'm so itchy to get my hands on it, I couldn't stand the disappointment if it hasn't arrived! 
What are my plans for it? Maybe you'll have to wait with me too!