Monday, September 26, 2011

Skirt nostalgia

Loving this skirt, from Tilly.

The Frankie & Ray skirt-a-thon continues, so perhaps I've got skirts on the brain this week.
I was just taking a little afternoon tea break from the sewing, and taking a little wander around when I came across this heavenly summery skirt.
It's taken me straight back to my high school needlework class, and the planning for that essential wardrobe item for a teenage girl - the knee length wrap skirt, preferably in a print just like this one. Or maybe with a palm tree or two. Or a hibiscus flower. Oh, the choices, the colours, the possibilites!
I can remember all that delicious anticipation of just how fabulous the finished garment was going to be. 
I'm feeling quite young again, or maybe a bit old!


Fiona said...

Ha - we're both on a little nostalgia trip. Lovely fabric too, Jo. I still get that excitement when I make something for myself, or seeing a favourite fabric finally made into something.

Crayon Chick said...

Young! Young! Definitely young! I think the nun's at my high school were working from the same curriculum as your teachers!