Monday, October 10, 2011


What's happening at your place today?
I had a terrific weekend, which included seeing a film on Friday night, the very bitter sweet Beginners. Oh, Ewan, you set my heart all aflutter...
Be warned, this is a handful of tissues movie. I loved it.
Then there was dinner out, and a lovely morning at the brand new Little Village Market. Thanks to those friends who popped in to see me, that was the icing on my cake!
Being an earlier finish than I'm used to meant getting home in time for cocktail hour and a relaxed dinner with the old bloke.
A few of these neckscarves went off to new homes, leaving me with less than I'd like to keep in stock.
I've been making a huge mess of fabric and jumpers in my workroom to get some new ones together, and here's a little taste from the latest batch. 
I don't know about you, but I'm loving that orange vintage kimono silk.
I can't get enough of some bright happy colours for the coming season!


Fiona said...

Hi Jo - great to hear you had a full and satisfying weekend! We saw Beginners a little while ago - loved it too. Hoping to see you on Sunday - just gotta sort myself out.

the textured leaf said...

I didnt even read what you wrote yet but my heart is all a-flutter with this scarf! I have to have it! now! love love love, x

the textured leaf said...

Now that is so weird! I meant it when I said I didnt read what you wrote( then I went back and read) but ive somehow used the same phrase as you?? I must have subconciously imprinted them while scrolling down, then written. Freaky

Mookah said...

i dont think you've made a scarf I don't like.....good taste, what can I say!