Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Wednesday already

Here we are in the middle of another week already. Is it something to do with daylight saving that's making the days fly along? We're loving the sunny evenings down here.
We have had a lovely long grand final weekend with our city friends (including their handsome hound) down for some birthday celebrations, late nights, and a hand or two of 500. It's felt like being on holidays all over again!
I'm busy getting ready for a trip up to town this weekend for the very first Little Village Market.
It'll be a little trip down memory lane for me to be back in Elwood, the old bloke and I lived in a gorgeous old flat there way back when. We loved the big trees in the streets, the walk to the beach and the shops, and the feeling of living in a village. If I ever find myself living back in Melbourne, this is where I'd choose to be.
I just know this little market will be great, there's all the things I look forward to with great stalls, good food, and live music as well. All in a venue that Melbourne seems to do so well, a charming little hall in the middle of the Elwood village. See you there!

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