Tuesday, October 25, 2011


The old bloke came home yesterday after his annual pilgrimage to Sale to visit his sister and brother in law.
I kind of like it when he goes away for a few days, although it's sweet when he comes home.
I took the opportunity to get stuck into some serious sewing and I've been crossing things off my list with relish!
With Melbourne Cup day exactly a week away, and the first long weekend (for many!) after Winter, I'm really looking forward to coming back to my local market on Saturday.
Yesterday, my friend Fiona nominated me for the Liebster Award. 

Fiona is a beautiful girl with a great big laugh to match her heart who writes the Naturopathic Health blog. Seriously, if you meet Fiona you'll know that she's the very best advertisement for naturopathy. She positively glows with good health.
And I know she disapproves of my caffeine habits!
Anyway, what is this all about then? 
Liebster is both a word (German for dearest or beloved) and an honour, it is bestowed by those in the early stages of writing a blog (less than 200 followers) upon 3 - 5 bloggers they admire.
When nominated we should:
1. Link back to the blogger who awarded us.
2. Tag 3-5 blogs to receive the award.
3. Inform them of their nomination.
4. Display the Liebster Award image on our blog.

Ok then, so here we go!
My Liebster awards go to (drumroll please)....

The lovely ladies over at Mookah
These sisters never fail to make me laugh with their antics! They've made a seachange like me, and they spend their days making damn nice fabric, skirts, cushions and all manner of good things with a coastal feel. We love to swap notes on the seaside life.

My friend Crayon Chick
We met years ago when we were dipping our toes into the market life, and now we spend our days covered in bits of fabric fluff, bits of yarn strewn about the house, and spend odd hours in our workrooms. 
Pop over and drool over Michelle's beautiful photography, and her eye for composition and colour.

Another Fiona from Squirt Baby.
I love Fiona. She has a wicked sense of humour, and amazingly beautiful curly blonde hair. She manages to look after her brood and spend time making gorgeous clothes for girls and boys. She's a fellow knitter, and her tension is a joy to behold. Her blog is often funny, sometimes sad, and always inspiring.

Wendy! Incredibly, I used to work alongside this lovely lady's husband, and we didn't actually get to meet until long after I'd left that job. As soon as we got talking we realised how much we had in common. 
I guarantee you'll be hooked on Wendy's blog, The Textured Leaf, at first read. She manages to let us peer through the window on her busy and sometimes chaotic life full of kids, grandchildren, and lots of sewing. Seriously, this woman has the best touch with a doily, and an inspired eye for recycling fabrics that most of us wouldn't look at twice!

Sweethearts all of you.
Lots of love, Jo.

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the textured leaf said...

Holy crap, woman, you make me sound fantastic! Can I commision you to write my google profile blurb that ive been struggling with for about two years only to come up with three that I dont like much at all? Thank you!
Ill need to put this on my posting backburner im afraid, as I have to do something drastic about my studio (youll see why), a new gym membership to live up to, got a kitchen to build, all those boring normal things that everyone has to do.
Love the Mookah girls too!