Friday, October 21, 2011

This is personal

A cousin, that cousin's lifelong friend, a best friend's mother, another cousin's wife, a friend of the family, and now a personal friend of mine.
All strong and beautiful women. 
All diagnosed with breast cancer.
October is breast cancer awareness month, and this coming Monday is pink ribbon day.

Over here, I decided I wanted to do something.
So, here's the deal. 
I've made a lovely new warm weather scarf, made from a mix of  recycled and new cottons, and some light weight cream wool knit thrown in for good measure. 
It'll look gorgeous with a shirt or t-shirt, tossed around your neck, or worn like a shawl, just to keep the chill  away on a cool Spring or Summer evening, or morning, or anytime at all.

I'm putting this up for sale right here, with the proceeds to go to the Cancer Council.
Here's the detail of how I think this might work.
Leave a comment with your bid, I'll keep this going until midnight of Friday, November 4, so there's plenty of time!
I'll ask the winner to email me a copy of their donation receipt, and I'll post the scarf anywhere in Australia.
The finer details!
Scarf measures 164cm in length and is 18cm wide.
Made from recycled and new cottons and fine knit recycled 100% wool.
Recommended retail price $50, but start it off anywhere you like, who knows there might be a bargain to be had.
Feel free to spread the word!
And thank you.


Fibrefanatic said...

great idea Jo, starting the bidding at $25, I have also shared it on Facebook so hopefully a few more will join in.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jo,
great idea. I shall bid at $30. I shall spread the word.

Nicole said...

what a wonderful idea... this dreadful disease touches so many lives.
I'll bid $40 - hope this raises so much needed funds :)

Shepherd family said...

A lovely idea - your family in Newcastle bids $50.00

melanie said...

melanie says would love to bid $62.oo and see you at the next skirt and shirt

Frankie and Ray said...

I'm so touched! Thanks all, and Melanie, that looks like a knock out bid! Jo xx

Fiona said...

I'm going to up that to $65 - cancer has taken too much away from me. So I'll do my bit to help stop it.

Frankie and Ray said...

Yay! I can't tell you how much that means to me...

Louise said...

Jo I shall raise it to $70. I have lost two Uncles in the past year to cancer and I have just found out this eve that yet another is in hospital. Louise xx