Sunday, January 22, 2012

Having a crack!

Ok, so I realise I've been on a tea towel bender.
It's the time of year when I'm making lots of cushions and bags for the weekly market.

Using so many of them lately has meant lots of offcuts to add to my stash of tea towel pieces left over.

I always keep the ones that appeal to me, even if they're an odd small size.
So, last week when I was obsessing over some patchwork, I thought there's something I could use those pieces for! 

After all, the colours and images I love.

And, I had them there already....

And here's the result so far!
This is destined for a corner of my sofa that sits right up under a west facing window. It's suffering in the afternoon sun from a bit of fade, and I think this might do the trick for a little protection.
There are some corners in that bottom row that definitely don't stand up to close scrutiny!
But, I'm feeling pretty pleased with this little arrangement for a first go.
I need to decide now if I just want a cloth throw with a backing and some topstitching, or do I go the whole hog and try the full quilting thing?


Fiona said...

Oh Jo - it's very special!! Delicious. I hope the summer season is treating you well.

Frankie and Ray said...

Thanks Fiona! Loving my Summer at home so far...but looking forward to seeing you in Feb too. xx