Tuesday, January 10, 2012

January so far

It's hard to believe that today is only the 10th of the month.
January's been full of so many good things so far.
Beach weather, friends to stay, happy market mornings, acting like a tourist in our own town, fish and chips for dinner...
I managed to squeak in a visit to our fantastic Apollo Bay Art Show before it closed last Sunday.
This show punches above it's weight every year with so many great pieces all for sale. It was great to see so many red dots on so many works.
And after a walk around the hall, this little painting caught my eye, and now it's hanging happily where I can get a glimpse of it everyday.
We're guestless again today, and I'm looking forward to a little quiet time this week, hopefully another swim or two, another market morning on Saturday, and maybe a little catch up sewing too!

1 comment:

the textured leaf said...

I agree that january so far has been a whirlwind start.
Luscious painting!
I would come swim with you if I lived nearby...