Friday, January 13, 2012

The disappearing week

I realise it's only been three days since I was here last, but this week seems to have vanished on me.
I've left all my market preparations until the last minute this week.

It's mostly been more cushions again, including a very enjoyable custom job revamping a sweet little op shop cushion that really was in need of a nearly total makeover to make it suitable for a little girl's birthday present. 
I also found myself very short of some styles of t-shirts, so they've been topped up too.

Still revelling in the amazing colours and images of some gorgeous vintage tea towels.

But, if I'm to be completely honest, I am getting a little bit over sewing on the buttons.
(my goodness, I am going to treat myself to a manicure at the end of this month)

I've also found myself patchwork spotting.
I'm always hugely inspired by Wendy and her gorgeous work.

This beautiful image is from my fave magazine Australian Country Style, and is the work of Maggie and Sparrow.
I'm yearning to quilt, but I'm a bit daunted by how to work with all that fabric on such a large scale.
One day I'm going to overcome my fears and give it a go.
That sounds like a new year's resolution doesn't it? And I didn't think I had any to make this year.
In other things that need attending to around here, number one on my list is a slightly overdue letter to my Aunty. I know she pops in here from time to time for a visit, so if you're reading, my dearest and favourite Aunt, you won't have to wait long, I promise!

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the textured leaf said...

I too, lost half of last week but am hoping to find it again by way of a day or two sometime down the track.
Love those cushions and thanks for the mention, you sweet lady.

If patchwork was hard no-one would enjoy it. Jump in with both feet Jo!


p.s. I sew buttons on with the machine when they are single layer, (not the eskimos which have them inside and out unfortunately)