Saturday, February 11, 2012

Making a start part 2

No market today. 
After 7 weeks of near perfect weather for our market on Saturday mornings, Apollo Bay turned on a day that's been a little bit drab.
It's raining again now, and grey and dull. I'm resisting lighting the fire.
Not your typical mid-February day at all.
Never mind, after feeling a little at a loose end, I decided to just go down to my workroom and see what took my fancy.
Nothing too strenuous this afternoon, but an enjoyable play around with some jumpers and fabric.
(Summer still seems to be having an influence in my choice of colour I think)
And now I have 2 new scarves to add to my box of things to come when the time is properly right!

Which, hopefully, won't be for at least another month.
I still have swimming to do.


Jane said...

oh how i love your scarves. You do understand that I will be needing one for the Brisbane winter. what is the best way to view your collection and buy one?
Shame about your bleak weather, go ahead, light the fire.
Jane x

Frankie and Ray said...

Dear Jane, thank you! The long and shorter jumper scarves are generally one of a kind, so if you have a colour combo in mind, please email me Knit scarves can be bought online over at
Jo x