Tuesday, February 14, 2012

New love

On this valentine's day, I've been spending time with a new love!
I've been avoiding meeting with Pinterest, but once we were introduced, I can't seem to stay away.
For a bit of visual inspiration, enchantment, and a wonderful tool for keeping and organising all those fabulous images, I couldn't think of a more exciting place.
I'm also finding it fascinating to see how recurring themes are popping up in my choice of pictures.
Patchwork, hello there!
Join me if you dare...

1 comment:

the textured leaf said...

So true.

I found myself wanting to click on the patchwork image too!
I succumbed to temptation last night. Its the imagery, it stays with you somehow. So visually impacting I guess with so much that you love on one page, arrggghhh!