Monday, April 23, 2012

Finders Keepers favourites

Friday night at the Finders Keepers, wonderfully captured by Sean Fennessy!

Oh my goodness. Were you there?
I think I have a Finders Keepers hangover!
I've abandoned any ideas of doing any proper work today, it's all I've been able to manage to unpack and try and make sense of some rather messy piles of stock to sort and put away.
So this is a perfect little opportunity to show you some of my favourites from the weekend. 
This is seriously scratching the surface, it was so busy I barely had a moment to get out for a look. Maybe just as well, I could have done some dreadful damage to the bank balance....

Yes, that's a hand embroidered doily from Ernest Hope. Up close in real life, this is one of the most amzing and lovely pieces of handwork I've seen. And that's not to mention the cushions...

Whimsical little friends from Hannakin, my lovely neighbour.

The perfect green little earrings from Victoria Mason. Bewildered by colour I couldn't make a decision on which ones to buy, and never got back....thank goodness for online shopping!

Delightful cards and prints from Truth Be Told. Jess, it was lovely to meet you, oh so briefly!

And the couple of things I did manage to buy!
A much needed new wallet from my favourite leather goods girl, Oktoberdee, and some scrumptious organic cotton and wool leggings from Tightology to keep me warm and happy this Winter.
Add to all of this, some happy snatched moments with the makers I'm lucky to know, and I couldn't have asked for more.

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Jessie said...

It was lovely to meet you too! I think it took me a few days to recover from FK as well - but it was so much fun!