Friday, May 25, 2012

Rainy day

It's chucking it down here this morning. Wet, wet, wet!
I'm having a bit of a nostalgia trip back to those dark and gloomy, rainy Winter days of my childhood, when it seemed very special to be stuck inside with all the lights in the house on, the old oil heater burning, and nothing much to do but perhaps drag out a jigsaw puzzle or a board game.
Hot chocolate anyone?
I'm feeling happy to be housebound today.
A fantastic pile of much awaited Liberty of London lawn arrived in the mail while I was away last week.
There it is, just waiting for me to decide which one to use first!
I love how sometimes the one you think you'll like the least is actually the best surprise of all. For me it's that blue and limey yellow floral up there on the left hand corner....
I had a marvellous city break last weekend, I can't believe it's that long ago already!
And, seriously, if you haven't been along to see the Grace Kelly exhibition in the beautiful old city of Bendigo, get yourself along quick smart.

I'd heard stories about there not being a sense of the woman in the dresses on exhibit, but I couldn't disagree more. Nearly every dress was displayed with a photo of it being worn, and there was so much biographical information, I really came away feeling I'd learnt a bit more about this woman's extraordinary life.
And, I'm off on a hunt for my own copy of Rear Window - my personal favourite film of Grace Kelly's, although then there's a need to see To Catch a Thief again....and chase down High Society too.
Happy Friday!

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