Friday, August 31, 2012

Patchwork, quilting, and tees

Inspiration popped into my head this week.
It's always an interesting thing, demanding to be acted on, and sometimes I'm not sure where it's arrived from.
Not this time!
My brain has been full of quilting and patchworking for a while now.
I've been studying pictures of beautiful combinations of fabrics and colours.
My favourite place to do this is over at Maggie & Sparrow. If you haven't been over for a look, go and visit! Make yourself a cuppa, you could be a while.
If only I could run my hands over the pictures and feel the fabrics I couldn't be happier.
Then, of course, I've been mucking about with my own little bits of fabric making a start on a quilt for us.
Somewhere in all of that, and the arrival of some beautiful new blue organic cotton and bamboo tees, here's a new tee for the coming season.
I might just call it the Quilter's tee.

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