Tuesday, August 28, 2012

This and that and a few new tricks

I'm feeling like an old dog with new tricks this week!

A friend generously came over this morning with her photo tips and tricks, oh, and a few lights as well.
We looked properly at my little camera, and discovered a few settings I didn't realise I had.
Did I tell you I was a bit lazy when it comes to all things techie?
Hmmm. Lesson learnt? Do take a bit of time to look at your instruction manual....
And, I'm feeling a bit empowered this afternoon!

My other project on the go goes all the way back to here.
I've always admired a good quilt, and I had dinner with another good friend and fantastic quilter on the weekend. 
She inspired me to get going on making a start on my own quilt.
It'll be made from lots and lots of scraps of lovely Liberty of London tana lawn that have been collecting in a special tub in my stash cupboard.
I just needed to start.
And, I figured that the way to start was to decide that each 'block' would be 20cm x 20cm. Any combination goes, and I'll work out how they go together when I get all 144 of them done!

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