Sunday, April 14, 2013

Enjoying the journey

I'm having a bus man's holiday this week.
I'm winding down to embrace a bit of a quieter time of year after a full on Spring and Summer.
With all the shirt making I've been doing I had a great big satisfyingly stuffed bag of beautiful scraps of Liberty just calling to me.
Some have gone to scarves, but seriously, there's still plenty!
Way back when, I decided I'd have a go at making a quilt from some of those scraps, and with less on my plate, and the weather starting to turn, the time was right.

I've quickly realised that making this quilt is a bit of long haul journey and not a dash.
I'm not used to this long process, mostly I start and finish a project in a day! Perhaps I'll learn some patience while I'm at it.
I had more than half of the blocks made, so finishing the rest of them was like reaching the first port of call.
The fabrics mirror my own journey with Frankie & Ray. There are some there that I used when I first started out, and from then on all the way through to now.
Perhaps this is part of the allure of this quilt, it's a part of my history too.

Laying the blocks out took an entire afternoon.
I had to move furniture, rugs, and animals to get the floor space I needed, and then I felt like I was playing a giant and complicated version of Twister as I shuffled, and shuffled, and shuffled the blocks.
Eventually I reached an arrangement that I was happy with, and so now I'm sewing them all together.

So, that's my journey so far.
I figure I might be half way, and loving the trip!


Crayon Chick said...

This story makes my heart smile! I love that part about quilts like this having a history, a personal history, I love this quilt tells a story of you and Frankie & Ray. I also love the word 'allure' ... (do you watch Miranda, by chance?!) x

Frankie and Ray said...

Miranda!!! Yes!!! Oh dear, that snuck in without me realising :)
Thank you for your lovely comment, you make me smile. x