Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Wrap up

Another fabulous Finders Keepers!

The beautiful Royal Exhibiton Buildings make an amazing venue.
And how lovely to meet new people, and see new things!
One part of me longs to go to these events as a visitor, but I love being there as an exhibitor!
So, there's always too little time to get out and see everything *sigh*.
Just the few things I made a beeline for when I got a little break....

The gorgeous ceramics of Adriana Christianson.

And I am in LOVE with Dandelyne!

My only purchase for myself was a bangle made from upcycled plastic from Dale Hardiman.
Colourful, tactile, wonderful!
It was great to catch up with so many market people, love your work folks!
And thanks too to all those who came and introduced themselves to me. 
I especially love the community that is Instagram, it's such a friendly place!

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Sonia Lyne said...

Oh what a lovely surprise - thank you beautiful woman :-D. xxx