Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Finished and beginning

And then it was done.
I got most of the binding hand stitched sitting in the sunshine at my last Melbourne market a couple of weeks ago. A little bit to finish off at home, and there it is. All done.

I had a feeling that this quilt might be just a teeny little bit small for our bed, but actually it's perfect.
It's cold at night here on the coast at this time of year, and we'd been sleeping with a cotton blanket on top of our doona since we moved here.
I never realised how heavy that blanket actually was until I swapped it for the quilt, which is featherlight, and soft, and warm as toast.
We love it. I love it!
I'm going to do it all again!
In the meantime a new dress design has finally hatched.

This has been on the drawing board of my imagination for quite some time.
I do like a frock.
And I do love the little shirts that have been so popular with everyone too.
And I love to combine pattern and colour.
And so I guess this was a logical progression, and I love them too!
Including pockets allowed me to add a third fabric into the mix. Which seems to mean that I am managing to make a patchwork out of everything I'm doing lately.

There are just three of these new dresses in the shop, and I'll be making them as one or two of a kind, depending on how much fabric I have, and what combinations take my fancy, so pop over and take a look!

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