Monday, October 28, 2013


Funny how making a quilt by hand seems to take forever, but then all of a sudden you reach the end, and there it is, on a bed, and looking as if it was always meant to be there.

Of course I've started another, this one a straightforward scrap quilt, only made complicated by the size of the fabric pieces. I decided on 10cm squares, sewn into blocks of 4.
I need 144 of those blocks.
I'm up to 50.
It's going to take a little while! 
Especially because I'm using offcuts from my other making, so I need to collect pieces to use as I go.

It's ok, there is a satisfaction in taking it slow.

But I felt the need for something else that was going to be quicker to put together.
Inspired by the free form quilting of Maze & Vale, I raided my stash and have just finished another very quick quilt top.
There was a satisfaction in not worrying about having anything lining up, no measuring, no precision cutting.
Just a piece it as you go approach.
Quite different, but fresh and bright.
I like this one too.


Crayon Chick said...

I just can't wait to see these in the flesh! You're on a roll!! mwah x

Frankie and Ray said...

I love a bit of show and tell! Can't wait to show them to you! xx