Thursday, October 31, 2013

The story of a dress

I love what I do.
And even more so when I have some very loyal and very lovely customers.
It really makes my job a pleasure!

Meet Anna Spurling.
Beautiful isn't she?
Anna contacted me a while ago asking me to make a dress for her to wear for a professional photo shoot. The images to be used for her new project, a wonderful blog dealing with some hard hitting and quite personal stuff, Colour me Anna.
We had a wonderful collaboration on fabrics and colours, and Anna was sweet enough to put her trust in me to come up with something suitable.
I was so flattered, but I also clapped my hands with delight when Anna sent me through this picture.
It's so nice to see something I've made looking so great.
Anna, you're the best!
And a big thanks to Cricket Studio for the fabulous photo.

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