Sunday, March 4, 2012

Having a think

I've been at this market caper for a while now. Lets see, I think this year will be number 7.
Sounds like a lucky number to me!

I've been feeling my display is getting a bit stale lately, and to be honest, in an outdoor space I don't have too much to tinker with. I still need a clothes rack, a table, and my market umbrella.
I could fiddle with the little things I suppose.
But, I'm hankering after a makeover.

Pinterest has been a wealth of inspiring images, of course.
Alas, the ones I love seem to be mostly sweet shop spaces, like this one above.
And a market stall is a tricky space to negotiate.
So many things to think about, a tight space to work with, access for both me and my customers, will it all fit in the car, can I carry it, load it, set it up?

But with Finders Keepers coming up in the gorgeous historic Royal Exhibition Buildings , I'm hatching a bit of a new layout plan. 
The old bloke might have a bit of handyman activity to keep him busy, bless him.
I'll let you know how things are getting on! 

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