Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Is it really the middle of March?
A funny month, cold enough to light the fire the other night, and today I'm thinking about perhaps sneaking off to the beach for a little dip. We're heading into 'last swim' territory now, and I'd hate to miss the deadline!
I'm having dinner with a couple of my local girlfriends tonight, and I've just popped a beef ragu in the oven to slow cook...a decision made when it was just a bit colder last week! 
March has me busy working on getting ready for a big line up of markets for this month and next.
I started with my lovely little local market on the foreshore last Saturday, and later this week I'll be heading up to Melbourne for a double-header weekend. I love those. 2 markets for the price of one drive!
And, I get to stay more than a fleeting one night with some great city pals.
It's also been time to get properly stuck into some knitting, and I'm having fun with some hats for when the mornings get cold enough to see your breath and make you rub your hands together.
And, for when it's cold enough to get stuck into a beef ragu with gusto! (Not that the weather today will put us off at all, no siree....)


Lizeylou said...

So ... how was the ragu?? - It sounds delish!

Frankie and Ray said...

Eliza, it was fabulous...served it with pasta and a green salad! Love our 'local girls' dinners...

Emma said...

Love the beanie too Jo ... !