Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Looking for something?

Gone, I'm sorry.
You can probably guess why.
I've been in the business of designing, making and selling since May 2006.
I have worked very hard indeed to establish my little label in that time.
I will do everything I can to protect my designs.
I truly appreciate all the support and good wishes coming my way today.
Thank you!

The week for it

Lovely armwarmers made from recycled felted jumpers from Gaye and Mel at Body Parts.
In production for at least the last 5 years.

And then there's these.
I don't know. Best wishes to you ladies. I wish you a speedy resolution.

Monday, March 29, 2010

And how was your weekend?

The Apollo Bay Music Festival is all done and dusted for 2010.
What a weekend it was. Chock full of markets, music, friends, and somewhat bad weather.
We are all a little bit tired here tonight, but happily so.
My lovely friends Gaye, Rachael, and Lou came to stay with us.
Gaye and Rachael were hard at work all weekend at the street bazaar, while Lou and I and the old bloke got out and about to see and hear some fabulous music.
Caitlin Harnett singing Swing Low Sweet Chariot at the Baystock event, Fourplay wowing me with their amazing brand of music all on violins and a cello, the Wolfgramm Sisters, and The Big Low....
To wind down we took a good long walk in the mist this morning.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The festival is coming

There's an air of anticipation and excitement building around town this week.
The Apollo Bay Music Festival will be on this weekend.
Locals say this is the best weekend of the year, and I'm certainly getting that buzz today.
Driving past the foreshore and seeing the big tents going up has me feeling like a kid before Christmas!
It'll be a great market weekend in town too, with the Saturday morning market as usual, plus the Church Hall market trading all weekend, and some special guests, including Gaye, coming down for a street market.
What am I looking forward to most? I think it'll be Baystock, where musicians playing at the festival perform a song each from Woodstock. Although that's a toss up with seeing the Wolfgramm Sisters....or The Wagons....

Monday, March 22, 2010

After market Monday

What a weekend I've had.
First up a visit to Magnolia Square at it's beautiful new venue for March at the St Kilda Town Hall on Friday afternoon.
I saw so many people I know I didn't actually get much of a good look around, but I did manage to buy myself a few treats including this clever and sweet crocheted necklace from my friend Michelle at Crayon Chick. I can't quite get the colours right in the photo, they're brighter in real life. I love it. It looks perfect with my new shirt from Luce Handmade. Thank you girls!
Perhaps I should be sending a little handwritten note on something from my Wendy June jotbox!

On Saturday I spent the day alongside Gaye in the hall at the Maribyrnong Makers Market. The weather was perfect, more catching up was done, and I had a visit from Louise and Eliza, both gorgeous girls and much appreciated customers. I hope you are loving your new things!
Thank you Morgan and the rest of the terrific market organising committee for another lovely day. I'm looking forward to May already.
Sunday found me at Shirt & Skirt with Pia at a bumper market. We were busy, busy, busy all day long! We still found time for coffee and cake and a bit of chat with our market friends.
All too good. I'm still recovering!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Market weekend

A weekend of double market delight is ahead of me.
The first Maribyrnong Makers Market for 2010 is this Saturday.
This is such a friendly and delightful market to be at. The organisers are right on the ball, and are always happy and welcoming. The venue is charming and quaint. There'll be lots of lovely things to tempt you.
What's not to love?

Then on Sunday I'll be with Pia at Shirt & Skirt in the gorgeous surrounds of the Abbotsford Convent.
There'll be music and food and lots of market friends to catch up with.
Only 2 more sleeps!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Fresh from the machine

A fresh batch of nearly finished recycled jumper and kimono fabric scarves.
Almost ready to hit the table at this weekend's markets...

Monday, March 15, 2010

A tad tedious

I've spent the last hour and a bit sewing labels into some t-shirts.
I find this job the worst part of the process. It's fiddly, and sometimes more difficult than it could logically be.
It did go smoothly today though, thank goodness, because I'm coming down with a bit of a cold and every little thing seems like a huge mountain to climb.
Even putting on a load of washing seems beyond me today.
It's unseasonably hot here too, which always makes a cold worse don't you think?

Friday, March 12, 2010

Week of Scarves : Friday

Oh, this week has come to an end too soon!
Although the weather is no longer so Wintery in my neck of the woods, so perhaps we can stop thinking about scarves for a little while longer.
Friday seems to demand a dress it up sort of scarf, so I've chosen this one from Artlab.
I stumbled across this Etsy shop in one of those follow this link to here, and then on to there sort of ways. There you'll find a selection of very striking ruffles and amazing clothing, including this ruffled collar/scarf pictured here.
I can see myself at some special do in this, feeling very sophisticated and sipping on a glass of something bubbly perhaps?
Very far removed from my normal life on the coast!

And because it's Friday, a bonus scarf to end the week.
This is another one of mine, handknitted from a luxurious blend of cashmere, silk and wool, and finished with a shiny silver shell button to hold it firmly in place.
I'm not normally one for asymmetry, but somehow I think this works for this scarf!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Week of Scarves : Thursday

Thursday already!
I feel I'm just warming to my topic!
Today's beautiful scarf is from another gorgeous Melbourne girl, Morgan Wills.
Morgan is another to be making good use of unloved jumpers to felt the wool and turn them into the most deliciously colour combined scarves and blankets.
She also makes kilt pin brooches, mumma and baby babushka dolls, the most heavenly felt bead strings and lots of other goodies.
Her eye and feeling for colour is truly a thing of joy. And wouldn't this scarf take the Melbourne passion for black into a whole new dimension?
Morgan is also one of the organisers of the Maribyrnong Makers Market, one of my most favourite Melbourne markets to be at, and only a bit over a week until the first one for 2010.
I can hardly wait!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Week of Scarves : Wednesday

Is it getting colder as this week goes on?
Lucky for me, it might be tricky to be writing about scarves if it were perfect beach weather!
Today's fabulous scarf brought to you from Luce Handmade.
Anne is another incredible talent from the Melbourne handmade community, and what a sweet girl she is too. I was lucky enough to receive a Christmas present of a bag of fabrics from her workroom that she felt had been hanging around at her place for too long.
One of them is a piece of vintage 1950s silk with embroidered cherries on it that was made especially for Myer. I've been mulling over what use I need to put it to, knowing it's story has made it all the more special!
When you buy a creation from Luce Handmade, you are guaranteed never to see another one the same, they are all one-off pieces of wearable art.
I can't wait to see what she has on her racks next.

And in other news, we've just farewelled some friends from Ireland who are on an incredible adventure travelling around Australia on some very large motorbikes, filming their journey for a television series, writing a blog and a book on the way.
It was great to see them and hear about their progress so far, it's early days for them as the story begins in Adelaide, and will finish back there in about 3 months time.
What a trip!
You can follow their progress here.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Week of Scarves : Tuesday

Well, it's certainly scarf weather here this morning!
Today's scarf is a fine example from the clever Mel and Gaye at Body Parts.
We met a few years ago now at a market, and I've enjoyed crossing paths and sharing ideas and chat with these ladies ever since.
They are among the pioneers of 'upcycling' unwanted textiles to turn them into something new and exciting.
Their armies are deservedly quite famous, and can be spotted everywhere!
I always get a bit of a thrill when I see a garment or piece of jewellery made by someone I know being worn out and about.
I particularly love the combination of colours and shapes in this scarf.
I'd be very happy and cosy with this looped around my neck today.
You'll find Gaye visiting the coast with their fabulous wares for the Apollo Bay Music Festival in a few weeks time.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Week of scarves : Monday

It's scarf-o-rama round here lately.
I've been busily knitting my little neck scarves in some new colours for this Winter.
A busy market weekend has left me very low on stock of recycled jumper and cotton patchwork scarves all of a sudden, so I've been at the sewing machine today making some more.
I find working at the sewing machine sort of frees up my mind to drift around all sorts of topics, and today I've been thinking about scarves and how many different expressions of this little accessory are out there.
Almost as perfect as a cardigan for the Victorian weather. Such a comfort to wear if you're a little chilled, or tired, or a bit under the weather.
So, inspired by my friend Michelle's recent Week of Love....I give you my Week of Scarves!
Starting today with a Frankie & Ray scarf hot off the sewing machine.
I'm very happy with the argyle pattern of the jumper against the dusky blues and beiges in the cotton patchwork lining.

Friday, March 5, 2010

A kind of romantic gesture

When I'm sewing or knitting I've always preferred to use one of these metal retractable tape measures rather than a traditional soft tailors' tape.
My very old one was getting stuck and difficult to use, and the old bloke gave me this one the other day.
I've been working with it this morning and was thinking how nice it is to use. It's got nice big numbers on it and it sits upright without falling over.
It's also a very pretty shade of green, and it's called a Craftech!
Better than a bunch of flowers?

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

A long weekend coming up

This lovely image from here

It's a gorgeous morning down here.
I've just come back from setting up at the Church Hall where the local girls will be running our market again for the long weekend.
Weather permitting, I'll be at the foreshore market on Saturday morning too.
Are you tempted by a little trip down the Great Ocean Road?

And this one from here

Monday, March 1, 2010

Nearly normal transmission resumes

Thanks to a lovely dainty little usb pre-paid gadget, I'm back in business!
So, what's been happening?
The old bloke and I (and Ray too) ran away to Port Fairy for a couple of days last week.
I'd only ever been there very briefly, so it was delightful to spend a couple of days exploring this historic little town.
It's beautiful.

We rented a little cottage very close to the centre of town, so spent our time walking everywhere.
We frocked up and went out for a special dinner at the Merrijig Inn.

I realised that March and April are looking pretty busy with the long weekend coming quickly, followed by a couple of Melbourne markets, then the Apollo Bay Music Festival, and then Easter....
So, it was a case of grab the moment, pack our bags and get away.
So, home again and back to the workroom!