Thursday, October 29, 2009

Green is good

A new t-shirt. Green. Green as grass, green as an emerald. Nice.
I only have a very limited number of these at the moment, so they'll only be going to the market with me for now. I will be making an order to get some more in though, because, well, they're green. Oh, and they have a nice fitted sleeve, scoop neck, and great length in the body.
Frankie & Ray will be in two places at once on Saturday! I will be down at the foreshore market in Apollo Bay on Saturday morning, but I will also have some stock up at the Church Hall Market from tomorrow through to Tuesday.
Pop in to either or both to say hello.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

I digress

Picture courtesy BBC

I've just had a little exchange with my friend Crayon Chick about Ashes to Ashes.
We've been loving this show.
The music, the hair, the fashion. Gene Genie, DI Alex Drake, the whole package.
We've decided that Philip Glenister is indeed a bit of alright...

Monday, October 26, 2009

Playing along on a Monday morning

Inspired by Sally from GeorgieLove, I've decided to join in on My Place and Yours. It looks like a bit of fun! So, this week's theme is's mine.

In the spirit of things, I haven't tidied or arranged anything here, though it was a little hard not to! This is a fairly typical collection of things - reading glasses which are essential now for me to read almost anything. I resent them, but we are coming to terms with each other.
Two books. They are The Riders by Tim Winton - second hand from a Geelong op shop if I remember rightly. I love Tim Winton unreservedly.
Second book is Nurses with Altitude: a collection of stories compiled by Gaye Richardson. This actually belongs to my Aunt, and I've had it for a bit too long I think! She proof read this book for Gaye, who is a friend of the family and had a long career with the Royal Flying Doctor Service in Western Australia. I have read about half of this book, all stories told first hand by RFDS nurses. Amazing experiences, and what incredible women.
Other than that, my alarm clock. I do like to know what the time is when I wake up.
Lip balm by Natio, a little Australian company that makes wonderful stuff. Not tested on animals, great price, Australian made, available at nearly every chemist shop I've been to.
Do all of us have dry lips? Is there an epidemic of lip dryness happening out there?
Our bedside lamps have been with us for the entire history of our shared bed, I bought them from Myer a million years ago on sale, and have never grown sick of them. They've come with us from Brighton to Elwood to Middle Park to Albert Park to Skenes Creek.
The bedside tables belonged to Emily Victoria, my late mother-in-law. They were stripped of paint and restored by Alan, my late dad. How nice is that?

And finally, the view from the bed. The cats have their playpen out on the front deck. They have always had a cat cage, and this one has a very nice view over the street. I do love my cats, but I do also think they need to be kept away from our lovely wildlife. And down here we are lucky enough to have lots and lots and lots of birds!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Market day

I was back at the Apollo Bay market this morning. It was only my second time back after a long break for Winter. It was kind of sunny and cloudy, warm and cool, breezy and not breezy! A kind of mixed up weather morning.
It was good to see quite a few stallholders coming back, and we had reasonable crowds too.

Matt the bicycle smoothie man. He is a tourist attraction on his own, pedalling his bike to drive his blender to make great smoothies and fruit juices.

(I had mango, watermelon, and orange juice this morning. Yum.)

Ellen and her amazing scented candles.

(with bored looking bloke in this pic!)

Judy from Otway Herbs Nursery, one of the founders of this community market.
There are many more fantastic local products at this market - jewellery, pottery, photography, plants, body products, soaps, cakes and jams....all handmade, and all produced by residents and property owners from the immediate region.
It's very much a seasonal market this one, but I'm very happy to be able to be here again when I'm not travelling up to Melbourne.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Weather report

I can barely believe it.

We are enjoying our third day in a row of beautiful, warmish, sunny, and still weather.
I had a lovely walk this morning in the sunshine, but am finding it hard to knuckle down and do some work.

This is the view from my sewing machine. In both directions.

Better get back to it I suppose....

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Making me happy today

A sunny morning with no wind.
The first rose of the season, Just Joey (of course).

Baby nectarines on the tree.
Unexpectedly finding Frankie happily asleep in the pile of clean laundry waiting to be folded and put away.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Back from town

With a stay with my friend Lou, a trip to the movies, dinner out, and the market on Sunday, I think I had a Melbourne happiness hangover yesterday! Too much excitement!
I can't believe I went to Shirt & Skirt without my camera again this month.
I think half the pleasure of blogging is posting something nice to look at - it's a very visual medium don't you think?
Anyway, as usual, it was a great market day. So many girls I know were there, including some new friends from the Yarraville Markets, and some old friends I haven't seen for a little while. It's a small market world!
The lovely Jen came and introduced herself to Pia and I, hello Jen if you're reading!
It was nice to meet you!
I promise to put my camera in for next month...

In the meantime, I'm busy gearing up for a huge month in November. Take a look at the list of markets I'll be at over there on the right hand side.
First up will be Melbourne Cup Weekend down here in Apollo Bay, the foreshore market on Saturday morning is usually one of the biggest and the best of the year, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed for kind weather.
The local crafty girls will be setting up again in the Catholic Church Hall for five days over the weekend. Do come and say hello if you're down for a beach break.

Hall at the rear of the Apollo Bay Catholic Church.

Friday, October 16, 2009

On the road again

Where has the last month gone I wonder?
Never mind, I'll look for it later.
Tomorrow I'll be packing up the car and heading back to Melbourne for the Shirt & Skirt Market on Sunday.
I'm hopeful that the weather will do the right thing, and we'll have a beautiful Spring day.
I'm a bit excited to be going to see the new Woody Allen film on Saturday afternoon with my friend Lou, and we're going out for Japanese after.
Add to that a market day catching up with Pia and all the other crafty girls.
Triple happiness!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

A day not quite to plan (with bright spots)

I was going to get up early, have a big walk with the old bloke and Ray, clean the house, do the washing, and sew a zillion things.
It was pouring with rain this morning, so I stayed in bed for a bit. No walk.
The house is done, but there is 2 loads of wet laundry still waiting to be hung out.
No sewing so far.
And look at the time.

There was nice parcel waiting for me at the post office though.

I am not your rip it open straight away kind of gal. Oh no, I enjoyed looking at it while I ate my lunch, savouring the anticipation.

Worth every minute, look at my present to myself!

Aint he sweet?

(Dick & Dora bunny brooch from GeorgieLove, thank you Sally!)

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Cup of tea anyone?

I've enjoyed taking a break from knitting scarves lately, and getting back to knitting tea cosies.
Although, I looked in my box this afternoon, and I've managed to knit up about a dozen in the last couple of months! Which is a good thing because they always go well at Magnolia Square, which will be here before I know it.
I love to play around with stitch and colour, and this one came from thinking about Aran jumpers. I do love a bit of cable stitch.
That beautiful cup and saucer belonged to my grandmother, one of a set of 8 that are all different in pattern and shape. It's nice to put one out on show in my bookcase from time to time.
I'll let you in on a secret, I don't actually drink tea...although I do aspire to it!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Do dogs know it's their birthday?

It's Ray's birthday today! He's 7.
Here he is with his greyhound friend Lozza hanging out and drinking coffee in St Kilda before we moved to the coast. Lozza's human, Lou, is also having her birthday today.
Happy Birthday to both of you!
How do we know it's Ray's birthday? Well, we adopted him from the Greyhound Adoption Program, which means he came with all sorts of paperwork.
I've never had a dog whose birthday I knew exactly before. It's kind of strange, but in a nice way!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Yarraville Markets

I'm back from Melbourne, and a fun day out at the Yarraville Markets.
I was so happy to find this market in a really lovely 1920s Masonic Hall - my picture doesn't really show it, but it's charming. Small and sweet with picture rails, timber floors, and double doors opening right onto the street. And just around the corner from the Sun Theatre, and all the cafes of the Yarraville Village. What a great little venue.
I was thinking how wonderful it is that some of these little halls around Melbourne are getting a new lease of life with all the handmade markets popping up. I guess otherwise they'd probably be sitting idle.
It was great to meet some new people at this market, all wonderful crafty girls they are too. What a wealth of talent Melbourne is lucky to have!
I'm sorry not to be able to get back to this market until early next year, but check out their website to pencil in a date for a visit.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Melbourne bound

I'll be off to Melbourne town again this Friday for the Yarraville Markets on Saturday.
I'm really looking forward to being at this market, it'll be my first visit, but Lou (one of the organisers) has been so lovely and friendly to deal with it's bound to be nice!
A bonus for all my Melbourne markets is the night I get to stay with friends, which always involves a yummy dinner, a bottle of wine, and lots of laughs. Hooray to that!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Another scarf day

I've been in my workroom today making more scarves. It's been more like Winter than Spring here, we've had hail, rain, and I doubt it's got over 11 or 12. Brrr.
These are a light weight, so they go pretty much all year round, and I'm making a start on my stock for Magnolia Square. This one has some vintage Japanese kimono silk that is just beautiful, and curiously western in it's design of ribbon and flowers.
The builders have been here again this week, working away in all the bad weather, and things are coming along very nicely. I think I might miss listening to all the banter when they're gone!
I keep worrying they're freezing out there, but everytime I ask they grin and say you've got to expect this weather down here on the coast. Onya boys.

Monday, October 5, 2009


First select some fabric.

Then add some woollen jumpers and mix well.

Cut, pin, sew and press.

Almost like cooking....

Friday, October 2, 2009

Blowing out the cobwebs

Good to get out and get a bit of fresh air.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Never a dull moment

There's been lots of men here today. The deck on our circa 1970 fibro is as rotten as a chop (that was one of my Dad's favourite expressions), so it's being replaced before anyone falls through it. It's been a little bit distracting having all that grunting and talking and laughing happening outside my workroom! I did manage to get a bit done though.

It's going to be hard to part with these...